David Holt Photographer
David’s great passion for photography began 53 years ago. After he graduated with a BA in creative writing he decided he was not going to write the great American novel, so he then studied photography at the Art Center College of Design and graduated with honors.  He then had a successful career in advertising photography in Los Angeles for 35 years. He photographed for album covers, book covers, annual reports, automobiles, cosmetics, and his work has appeared in every major magazine. His work has been in shows in most major U.S. cities, Returning to the Art Center College of Design as a faculty member, he taught advanced students for 11 years.
Technical Information
Before 2002 He worked many exposures onto the one sheet of film in segments, using textures and subtle layers of light, to carefully build his expressive and sensual images.

Since 2002 the registration and blending process has been done with a computer.  The final file is then used to make the print
 Artistic Statement
Basically, I create these images because I receive an immense pleasure from doing them.   However, I can also say with all my pictures I am attempting to create a simple communion with reality.  The use of multiple exposures allows me to “de-familiarize” a subject just enough to see it in a new manner.  I change reality, but don’t lose it.  In fact, I change it, to find it.